Journalism is not dying from digital age

Journalism is not dying from digital age, only medium changed.

While people mourn the death of journalism, we firmly believed the digital tools murdered it. Those tools are Twitter, Facebook, Google news, Mobile Apps; the list is endless. Everyone, it seems, owns a platform, a publishing system, and now everyone is able to announce or broadcast what’s going on.  It is feared that online platforms might diminish the authoritative level of the journalists.

I see a glimmer of hope for journalism in digital age. Last month, I attended a panel discussion at NYU where George Brock, the author of Out the Print, said digital media puts journalism in a better position than ever. It has been declining in journalism, but it is only true for paper medium. The quick dropping down is really in newspaper, which sold fewer than 300,000 copies while the website attract 31 million traffic. The industry has been in decline since long before Internet came along. What we see now is the quantity of newspaper drooping, but the journalism has been being transformed into other mediums and it is actually being lifted up.

Thinking about YouTube, it did not even exist 5 years ago. Social media is being heavily invested since then. We are so overwhelmed by the mega-size information in digital age. However, journalists are now able to access much more sources, which was never happened before. Going way back to the past, journalist is nothing else but used by politicians to beat opponent. Thanks, Fox News makes it valid today. It was all about political interests, purely.

Along with the emerging of digital media, the journalism job is growing and news organization is rising, allowing online website generate more traffic. The accessible sources from social media are so diversified and realistic. It has shaped and changed the way of how journalists conduct and research. Besides, it even made easier for people to challenge power, to question and to give a voice.

Interactive feature in news reporting is a trend. It sounds trendy and looks attractive. However, wouldn’t it cause distractions and increase complexity in news reporting.  Is interaction feature will replace the role of storytelling role in journalism. Would readers be too fetishized the interactive features? For reporter, instead of writing extractive story, they invest lot of  time in making a “engaging” motion graphic. It may be true that interaction feature keeping readers attention.  Are journalist too eager to please readers?

Another good example of interaction feature is Google News. People can create news filter, which allow the only selected topic being shown. You read what you are interested in. It is fair. But you never know what news you don’t need to read. I mean you never know what you don’t want to know, and Google News cuts them out ahead. Would it hurt diversity in news and eliminate choices for readers before they actually have the choices.

Applause. Applause. The new era is coming. As long as journalists rethink and reposition on a global scale, digital media has much more to offer. George Brock encourages young journalists produce “engaging” content with interaction features. Overall, Mr. Brock gives a fair evaluation to journalism in digital age. It is not Journalism dying. It is Newspaper. It is not about content, it’s about medium changing.



New Way to Use Big Data:New Drug Trials

Cornell Tech in New York City hosted an event last week and invited Wendy Mayer, the VP of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, to talk about how innovation and creative ideas could be transformed into real values for pharmaceutical business.

The important step stone to innovative individual is the endorsement from the executive boards.Generating revenue and sales is the best result that innovation adding to every business. At Pfizer, all the ideas would first come from the internal team then from outside of the organization.Because the internal team always knows what their main business challenges are, what the next break through should be, and what are the desire among markets.

Ms. Mayer brought a very trendy concept which now is the most popular way  for research conducting.  Big Data for new drug trials.

The average testing period for developing a new drug at Pfizer is 10 to 20 years.  Sometime, drug developing teams have to wait for a long time to identify a right patient. if big data comes in, drug trails are no longer need to rely on real patients or real cases. At some point in the future,  having Data to tracks and calculates the correlations maybe the vision of all. She didn’t specific how big data can be used for such delicate business since drug trails requires the pharmaceutical team to presents the  real improvements of the cases for official regulators.

Can big data replace the real human being’s for drug trials? I think it’s interesting to hear the ideas. However, for me, big data ideas in testing drug made me uncomfortable. Technology helps us to live an lives.

But do people feel secure from the computer generating system in our life?

Are we comfortable with them?

I recently read an article on the Wall Street journal. Big data is almighty, except telling the causation. All you see from data is only correlations.

It’s interesting to hear that the executives board at Pfizer would make important decisions today, but the result can be known 10 years later from now.

Maybe good things always take time to achieve.


digital platforms keep content forever

People would say loud about digital media is going to be everywhere and run through the every corner of communication industry, publication, video distribution, advertising, video game and film confounding.

Basically, digital media provides unlimited spaces for content placements and distribution, so contents wouldn’t have an expired date. Like the TV show from 5 years ago will be on demand on video streaming sites forever. It is all about “on Demand”. Since the space is no longer limited, advertiser and marketer have more choices to make their advertisement and promotion. First, It encourage the advertisement to be more creative, that would be interacted. The adverting post and placement could be more relaxed.

Social media is part of digitalized world. Yes, It is true. Every mogul media company invests a lot of money to their digital department, so they can oversee the online feeds of their costumers then evaluate their brands better. I read through many articles about digital media. In most of them, the role of social media seems play the significant function of digital media. Agencies show off their twittercampaign-hashtages, and marketers are fascinated by how each responsive communication could boost their brands.

Is that all about digital media? No.

Digital media requires the data analysis and large-scale of information gathering. but it’s blurring since the influx of social media. When many people believe the social media is almighty in digitalized world, no one tells where the data being collected and how the data affects the campaign launching.

It’s easier for the cooperation companies that have facilities to collect online information and work on the data analysis . How much it can be used by an average person? I guess it can be used, but the effects is little.

However, the viral video and fashion bloggers are another cases.





Spongebob soon appears on Chinese Video site. and this is “Again”

Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon, signed a streaming deal with Chinese online streaming video sites-Sohu. will provide Viacom’s kids program with full Chinese subtitle version on their sites. However, Spongebob is actually familiar by Chinese teens. It was on the broadcast channels many years ago. My college roommate and I both watched it when we were little.  We probably would be able to know if it was copyrightable back to that time when spongebob was first being showed to Chinese audience. 

Kids program always has a huge influence to one generation. Cartoon is getting so deep into people’s memory.  Sometimes, We couldn’t recall what we watched as a child, but after many years passed, we still sing the melody being played in the Cartoon or kids  commercial. That’s being said, I may bring a old topic among intellectual import-it’s Americanized. 

One example is from my college roommate, S and I both in the same undergraduate program. She has always wanted to work for animation studios, Pixar or Disney, even small animation team. She grew up by watching American cartoons and was so impressed by the character’s stories and their fates. After taking several brutal visual effects classes in school, she even became more persistent on her dream-doing animation.  She got into nickelodeon internship program office in L.A, California. Absolutely, her internship experience is fantastic. I always got questions for her,  Since when you decided to do animation?

Since I watched it when I was little, she answered. 

I assume that American cartoon has huge influence and gave her a very strong emotional memory. When we were children, we had a long list of “to-become after we grow up”.  Myself, I wanted to be a teacher, a police, a doctor, or even cake decorator. However, none of them is becoming reality because I did not really work on my way to become “them”. Maybe because I didn’t have strong emotional attachment to this list. However, S has been always working on her way to make her animation dream coming true. I’m not saying she is a dream chaser or hard worker. My point is American cartoon may have huge impact on kids and influence later decision. 

My favorite American Cartoon is Hercules, didn’t really a hit one known by everybody. But I remember it so clearly. It’s a musical style cartoon produced by Disney. I even named my last screen writing play Hercules. When we grew older, we are having bad memory no matter how much texts we read. I wrote my screen play, all I can remember is scenes from hercules. I couldn’t remember any greek dramas or famous tragedy that I carefully “studied” in my drama history class but American cartoon I watched almost 10 years ago.

The new deals singed by and Viacom will bring more American cartoons into China. it’s good for kids to enjoy more quality contents. However, I feel that kids program also develops culture admiration.  Well. It’s not okay to ban anything. The biggest challenge is how Chinese animators can attract more kids to watch their shows. Fair competition is always important. Chinese Media has been expanding and growing so fast, like the big success of reality show, competition shows, and sports game shows.

The current issue is if the kids program has ever become better? Is the working environment of original Chinese cartoons is making progress.


Yes. Under this media revolution. 




I switched career. Now I work in the news agency!!


keep writing!



Landmark move in China film business

Xi Jinping, the president of ruling communist part of China, has been dedicated in growing “soft power” in China. Chinese and Chinese government are anxious to get ride off the title of “the greatest manufacturing country”. Right, Let’s give this “Made In” nation to someone else because it didn’t bring much glory to hardworking Chinese who are trying to get away from poverty.

President Xi announced a plan for intellectual property rights and ownership reformation. He encourages private input and innovations. 

Hollywood people must jump so high and clap their hands now. It seems a greatest policy that Chinese people have to pay for content they viewed. It could be more online content revenue generated. Piracy DVD and online video sites will be regualted by laws. American companies and creative artist finally don’t need to worry about their intellectual property being duplicated then made into new version for audience in China, without notice.  

However, Hollywood may need to rise concern on the share of future film market in China. Local films and Chinese language films will be unbeatable and keeps gaining a larger market share in next few years. Entertainment studios are developing fast in China, and the online produced original content are being circulated on social media. American studios are now living under the rule of film quota system, which means only 34 foreign films allowed on screen each year. In the mean time, foreign films can’t be scheduled during certain period of time each year. Like October is national month in China. Administration of Radio, TV and film will green lights local films and protects their B.O.

Now China’s GDP growth amazes everyone. So time to switch focus. China government is acknowledgeable the power of Chinese netizens. By far, China is the largest single internet market with 528 million of people connected to the web by 2012. E commerce is going to make your jaw drop. Last year, Chinese consumers generated 2 trillions RMB in from shopping online. 

What’s Hollywood strategy? 

20 century Fox started to invest films production in Asian countires and co-finance local language films. Should Hollywood learn to a local language film? Would it change hollywood taste?

 Chinese audience adore Hollywood films. but We don’t know how long it will last…





Do we really need to hide our accent?

I recently read an article “Is Your Accent Hurting Your Professional Credibility“by J.T O’donnell. She is career specialist and writes  Careerealism blog for young people and college grad.  The story is one of her fellow journalist feel bit challenges in his career because of his strong Boston/South accent, and people can always notice his deep south accent while he is talking in the phone, meeting new people and leaving voice message. She came up with a conclusion that accent possibly hurt people’ s chance of being hired. 

Agree? Yes, I have to agreed with her. It’s reality. Media industry particularly sets a standard on speech. I think I have to follow certain standard in Media, just like you need to follow grammar rule in writing English. You can’t argue with them

Two years ago, I would never agree with her point, and thought it’s so unnecessary to change accent. Seriously, do we really need to hide who we are? Look at TED Talks, many speakers come with accents. However, after realized that they’re tech guys. I understood these computer genius don’t rely their skills on communication. 

I can related in may ways. I don’t have a very strong Chinese accent on my daily communication. However, when I need to organize my thoughts and talk my ideas through, or persuade someone, I tend to have Chinese accent and strange phrase arrangement.  When I execute these actions, I use my energy too much. I could’t relax myself.  

Yesterday, I was talking with Alum in the phone. She works at HR office in a world famous adverting agency. I asked her, what are the qualities or skills that you’d look at first. She told me first, candidates have to communicate clearly. Somehow, I’m confused. Does communicating clearly means the perfect American accent or critical thinking? If applicants are pretty much the same, how do they weight? Smart one goes first or Native one goes first?

While I was searching acting class for speech exercise, I found New York City has many speech exercise class in accent reduction, accent modification, and speech therapy. 

I actually like Boston/South accent very much. It’s very elegant. I got complimentary on my accent too. 

I can’t hide my accent, but can you? Do you want to change?




Why Jimmy Kimmel need apology three times to Chinese audience?

Chinese people and Chinese netizens just won’t let Jimmy Kimmel go. I think I won’t let him go too.

Last month, in JKL show’s kid’s table session, a 6 year old boy told Jimmy that American government should fix financial problems by killing all Chinese people. Kid was appertently no longer adorable , I was expecting someone tellING him oh this isn’t good, or tell him give up. Just like you may tell your neighbor’s kid stop kicking his dog. That’s violent and wrong. Surprisingly  , Jimmy turned to asked another kids”should we allow Chinese people to live?”

I mean, what a shame, Jimmy, I used to like you, and you show was liked by Chinese people too. We love jokes at Halloween, father’s day and so much more. We spread Jimmy Live Show video all over on China social website. We love John Stuart , Jay Leno, but we used to adore you particularly. You show was great. Now It become past. Chinese people have very low tolerant to racial actions . Maybe China has never had  racial issues in our history. To be fair, We had human right issue, and we still have now.

But Let’s say what Jimmy respond;

1, “I’m sorry that you don’t feel it’s a joke.”

Jimmy, No, It is never a joke. It’s not funny, and it’s silly and vicious. People can’t laugh at stupid things…OK, sometime, America do laugh at stupid..

2, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I’m here to make people happy.

Jimmy, failed. As a comedian, you’re failed to make people happy.  Or did you mean to make racist people happy?

The worst outcome of this entire incident would be anti-Disney protest in China. Disney is going to cry like kids. Shanghai Disney along with the giant Disney stores in China is under construction now and plan to absorb millions of dollars from China consumers. However, Disney images is certainly damaged in China because of this controversy. From my family in Beijing to my friends in L.A are knowing Jimmy Kimmel’s killing speech.

I think American company have to be very careful when the controversy speech is being made at mainstream white country. China state has already called on “building de-american world”, like what british people did too. China has been creating policy and environment to foster innovative talents. So Largely importing Western intellectual property might no longer exist anymore. and I remember at Emmy’s, the host said (intellectual property) is the only thing that is not stolen by China. That’s correct. People of young generation in China are still struggling with restrictions and policy. Chinese government is not very much encouraging enterprise due to past revolutionary history. However, enterprish  and innovation is quickly developing under heavy restrictions. This is amazing. China online video platforms Youku creating many of successful talk shows and Original TV show that attracts millions of hits online and generating millions of ad revenues.

I understand Freedom of Speech protect individual’s opinions or views. But what if the show is scripted…When thing is wrong, why do people find excuse?