Think like two

This blog is about my career passion; entertainment trends, film, digital, new media, news, any kind of smart move in media industry.

Starting tomorrow, I ‘ll post one story a day.

Now I want to write something about myself. Whoever read it know me a bit..

Born and raised in Beijing, graduated with TV, Radio and Film degree from Newhouse School, Syracuse University.  I’d say I’m a experienced foreigner in western society. Probably because I used to watch Disney animation and american movies back to my childhood, the figures in the movies influenced me so much.  Came to the U.S for college 4 years ago,  first, I went to a small college at Pasadena, CA. Los Angels is perfect as the first landing city  for new comers. People there are very open minded and easy going . I felt I was embraced by everyone. People were trying to get me into every party. In the mean time, I spent most of my time absorbed cultural differences and enjoyed diversity. I had great time over there. However, I missed my home badly; Beijing, my hometown, is very different from The City of L.A. That time I assumed that Beijing is more like New York City with massive population and public transportation. I transferred to Newhouse School, Syracuse University, NY. Of course, It’s because of their excellent Communication program. I didn’t go to University of California schools, which means I give up free-tuition in UCs. Anyway, two years at Newhouse was very unique. Because of Newhouse, I was hired as media coordinator by a broadcast firm in New York City. I got involved with lot of news production. I started my New York life this May. This is my 6th month, I left my previous job and now I’m looking for new opportunity.

I hope this blog can be useful to people who are interested in film business and co-production between China and the U.S. I also trying to work on my writing skills. I used want to be journalist and write articles for big newspaper or publication, like NY Times or Guardian. Now I hope I can work for big film studio, like paramount and Warner Brother.

if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear your thought. feel free to contact.

and this is the beginning.