Spongebob soon appears on Chinese Video site. and this is “Again”

Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon, signed a streaming deal with Chinese online streaming video sites-Sohu. Sohu.com will provide Viacom’s kids program with full Chinese subtitle version on their sites. However, Spongebob is actually familiar by Chinese teens. It was on the broadcast channels many years ago. My college roommate and I both watched it when we were little.  We probably would be able to know if it was copyrightable back to that time when spongebob was first being showed to Chinese audience. 

Kids program always has a huge influence to one generation. Cartoon is getting so deep into people’s memory.  Sometimes, We couldn’t recall what we watched as a child, but after many years passed, we still sing the melody being played in the Cartoon or kids  commercial. That’s being said, I may bring a old topic among intellectual import-it’s Americanized. 

One example is from my college roommate, S and I both in the same undergraduate program. She has always wanted to work for animation studios, Pixar or Disney, even small animation team. She grew up by watching American cartoons and was so impressed by the character’s stories and their fates. After taking several brutal visual effects classes in school, she even became more persistent on her dream-doing animation.  She got into nickelodeon internship program office in L.A, California. Absolutely, her internship experience is fantastic. I always got questions for her,  Since when you decided to do animation?

Since I watched it when I was little, she answered. 

I assume that American cartoon has huge influence and gave her a very strong emotional memory. When we were children, we had a long list of “to-become after we grow up”.  Myself, I wanted to be a teacher, a police, a doctor, or even cake decorator. However, none of them is becoming reality because I did not really work on my way to become “them”. Maybe because I didn’t have strong emotional attachment to this list. However, S has been always working on her way to make her animation dream coming true. I’m not saying she is a dream chaser or hard worker. My point is American cartoon may have huge impact on kids and influence later decision. 

My favorite American Cartoon is Hercules, didn’t really a hit one known by everybody. But I remember it so clearly. It’s a musical style cartoon produced by Disney. I even named my last screen writing play Hercules. When we grew older, we are having bad memory no matter how much texts we read. I wrote my screen play, all I can remember is scenes from hercules. I couldn’t remember any greek dramas or famous tragedy that I carefully “studied” in my drama history class but American cartoon I watched almost 10 years ago.

The new deals singed by Sohu.com and Viacom will bring more American cartoons into China. it’s good for kids to enjoy more quality contents. However, I feel that kids program also develops culture admiration.  Well. It’s not okay to ban anything. The biggest challenge is how Chinese animators can attract more kids to watch their shows. Fair competition is always important. Chinese Media has been expanding and growing so fast, like the big success of reality show, competition shows, and sports game shows.

The current issue is if the kids program has ever become better? Is the working environment of original Chinese cartoons is making progress.


Yes. Under this media revolution. 




I switched career. Now I work in the news agency!!


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