Why Jimmy Kimmel need apology three times to Chinese audience?

Chinese people and Chinese netizens just won’t let Jimmy Kimmel go. I think I won’t let him go too.

Last month, in JKL show’s kid’s table session, a 6 year old boy told Jimmy that American government should fix financial problems by killing all Chinese people. Kid was appertently no longer adorable , I was expecting someone tellING him oh this isn’t good, or tell him give up. Just like you may tell your neighbor’s kid stop kicking his dog. That’s violent and wrong. Surprisingly  , Jimmy turned to asked another kids”should we allow Chinese people to live?”

I mean, what a shame, Jimmy, I used to like you, and you show was liked by Chinese people too. We love jokes at Halloween, father’s day and so much more. We spread Jimmy Live Show video all over on China social website. We love John Stuart , Jay Leno, but we used to adore you particularly. You show was great. Now It become past. Chinese people have very low tolerant to racial actions . Maybe China has never had  racial issues in our history. To be fair, We had human right issue, and we still have now.

But Let’s say what Jimmy respond;

1, “I’m sorry that you don’t feel it’s a joke.”

Jimmy, No, It is never a joke. It’s not funny, and it’s silly and vicious. People can’t laugh at stupid things…OK, sometime, America do laugh at stupid..

2, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I’m here to make people happy.

Jimmy, failed. As a comedian, you’re failed to make people happy.  Or did you mean to make racist people happy?

The worst outcome of this entire incident would be anti-Disney protest in China. Disney is going to cry like kids. Shanghai Disney along with the giant Disney stores in China is under construction now and plan to absorb millions of dollars from China consumers. However, Disney images is certainly damaged in China because of this controversy. From my family in Beijing to my friends in L.A are knowing Jimmy Kimmel’s killing speech.

I think American company have to be very careful when the controversy speech is being made at mainstream white country. China state has already called on “building de-american world”, like what british people did too. China has been creating policy and environment to foster innovative talents. So Largely importing Western intellectual property might no longer exist anymore. and I remember at Emmy’s, the host said (intellectual property) is the only thing that is not stolen by China. That’s correct. People of young generation in China are still struggling with restrictions and policy. Chinese government is not very much encouraging enterprise due to past revolutionary history. However, enterprish  and innovation is quickly developing under heavy restrictions. This is amazing. China online video platforms Youku creating many of successful talk shows and Original TV show that attracts millions of hits online and generating millions of ad revenues.

I understand Freedom of Speech protect individual’s opinions or views. But what if the show is scripted…When thing is wrong, why do people find excuse?