Landmark move in China film business

Xi Jinping, the president of ruling communist part of China, has been dedicated in growing “soft power” in China. Chinese and Chinese government are anxious to get ride off the title of “the greatest manufacturing country”. Right, Let’s give this “Made In” nation to someone else because it didn’t bring much glory to hardworking Chinese who are trying to get away from poverty.

President Xi announced a plan for intellectual property rights and ownership reformation. He encourages private input and innovations. 

Hollywood people must jump so high and clap their hands now. It seems a greatest policy that Chinese people have to pay for content they viewed. It could be more online content revenue generated. Piracy DVD and online video sites will be regualted by laws. American companies and creative artist finally don’t need to worry about their intellectual property being duplicated then made into new version for audience in China, without notice.  

However, Hollywood may need to rise concern on the share of future film market in China. Local films and Chinese language films will be unbeatable and keeps gaining a larger market share in next few years. Entertainment studios are developing fast in China, and the online produced original content are being circulated on social media. American studios are now living under the rule of film quota system, which means only 34 foreign films allowed on screen each year. In the mean time, foreign films can’t be scheduled during certain period of time each year. Like October is national month in China. Administration of Radio, TV and film will green lights local films and protects their B.O.

Now China’s GDP growth amazes everyone. So time to switch focus. China government is acknowledgeable the power of Chinese netizens. By far, China is the largest single internet market with 528 million of people connected to the web by 2012. E commerce is going to make your jaw drop. Last year, Chinese consumers generated 2 trillions RMB in from shopping online. 

What’s Hollywood strategy? 

20 century Fox started to invest films production in Asian countires and co-finance local language films. Should Hollywood learn to a local language film? Would it change hollywood taste?

 Chinese audience adore Hollywood films. but We don’t know how long it will last…






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Born and raised in Beijing, graduated with TV, Radio and Film degree from Newhouse School, Syracuse University.  I’d say I’m a experienced foreigner in western society. Probably because I used to watch Disney animation and american movies back to my childhood, the figures in the movies influenced me so much.  Came to the U.S for college 4 years ago,  first, I went to a small college at Pasadena, CA. Los Angels is perfect as the first landing city  for new comers. People there are very open minded and easy going . I felt I was embraced by everyone. People were trying to get me into every party. In the mean time, I spent most of my time absorbed cultural differences and enjoyed diversity. I had great time over there. However, I missed my home badly; Beijing, my hometown, is very different from The City of L.A. That time I assumed that Beijing is more like New York City with massive population and public transportation. I transferred to Newhouse School, Syracuse University, NY. Of course, It’s because of their excellent Communication program. I didn’t go to University of California schools, which means I give up free-tuition in UCs. Anyway, two years at Newhouse was very unique. Because of Newhouse, I was hired as media coordinator by a broadcast firm in New York City. I got involved with lot of news production. I started my New York life this May. This is my 6th month, I left my previous job and now I’m looking for new opportunity.

I hope this blog can be useful to people who are interested in film business and co-production between China and the U.S. I also trying to work on my writing skills. I used want to be journalist and write articles for big newspaper or publication, like NY Times or Guardian. Now I hope I can work for big film studio, like paramount and Warner Brother.

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