digital platforms keep content forever

People would say loud about digital media is going to be everywhere and run through the every corner of communication industry, publication, video distribution, advertising, video game and film confounding.

Basically, digital media provides unlimited spaces for content placements and distribution, so contents wouldn’t have an expired date. Like the TV show from 5 years ago will be on demand on video streaming sites forever. It is all about “on Demand”. Since the space is no longer limited, advertiser and marketer have more choices to make their advertisement and promotion. First, It encourage the advertisement to be more creative, that would be interacted. The adverting post and placement could be more relaxed.

Social media is part of digitalized world. Yes, It is true. Every mogul media company invests a lot of money to their digital department, so they can oversee the online feeds of their costumers then evaluate their brands better. I read through many articles about digital media. In most of them, the role of social media seems play the significant function of digital media. Agencies show off their twittercampaign-hashtages, and marketers are fascinated by how each responsive communication could boost their brands.

Is that all about digital media? No.

Digital media requires the data analysis and large-scale of information gathering. but it’s blurring since the influx of social media. When many people believe the social media is almighty in digitalized world, no one tells where the data being collected and how the data affects the campaign launching.

It’s easier for the cooperation companies that have facilities to collect online information and work on the data analysis . How much it can be used by an average person? I guess it can be used, but the effects is little.

However, the viral video and fashion bloggers are another cases.